Love Hate Inu: The Next Pepe? Gains 3,000% and Counting!

• Love Hate Inu ($LHINU), a meme coin infused with Web3 technology, has been listed on two centralized exchanges (CEX) today at 10am UTC, namely OKX and Huobi.
• The token gained 3,000% from the ending presale price of $0.000145 and is being talked about as the next Pepe for good reason.
• Love Hate Inu’s main use case is to enable community members to hold polls on any subject they choose, all secured by staking the $LHINU token.

Love Hate Inu Listed On Exchanges

Love Hate Inu ($LHINU), the vote-to-earn platform infused with Web3 meme coin, has officially been listed on two renowned centralized exchanges (CEX) today at 10am UTC, namely OKX and Huobi. Notably, $LHINU got off to a flying start – Love Hate Inu token is up 30x on Huobi at $0.004715 – that’s a 3,000% gain from the ending presale price of $0.000145. Presale buyers can claim their tokens by visiting the Love Hate Inu website and connecting their wallet.

Predictions of 10x Returns

Crypto analysts are predicting at least 10x returns for $LHINU as it begins trading and more gains on the back of its product rollout and adoption success. Combining the meme coin virality of the Inu breed of coins and the real utility of a secure and transparent voting system, Love Hate Inu could soon be among the top rank of meme coins. It raised $10,204,000 million in its presale making its fundraising efforts among the largest in crypto this year which makes it an exceptional opportunity to capture what could be a staggering return on investment for those who missed out before.

Centralized Exchange Listings

OKX is ranked 5th biggest exchange according to CoinMarketCap data with 24-hour trading volume of $781 million while Huobi is ranked 15th with a 24-hour trading volume of $400 million receiving 2 million weekly visitors each respectively. Apart from these CEXs Uniswap will list Love Hate Inu also at 2pm UTC today giving traders more options for buying LHINU tokens directly using ETH or other ERC20 tokens without going through CEXs such as OKEx or Huobi Global .

Decentralized Network Architecture & Polling System

The decentralized network architecture enables voters to be rewarded for their participation through earning LHINU tokens while providing security against manipulation attempts due to staking requirements set by users when creating polls or voting themselves . It provides an accessible way for communities to interact with each other by allowing them to vote on any subject they deem important without worrying about censorship or malicious attacks as all votes are verified through blockchain technology .


Love Hate Inu provides a unique platform combining meme virality with real world applications such as polls which gives it potential for high returns over time if successful in gaining adoption . Despite some profit taking likely from presale buyers looking de-risk their initial investment , future looks promisingas long term investors have now options available both in terms of CEXs & DEXs like Uniswapfor buying LHINU tokens safely & securely .