Tamadoge Arcade Beta Launched: Crypto Watchers Predict Price to All-Time High!

• Tamadoge Games Arcade Beta launched, offering three games and two more on the way
• Community is loving it, with 150 hours of gameplay and 6,000 retries in the first 15 hours
• Crypto watchers predict Tamadoge price to revisit all-time high of $0.173

The latest news on the crypto scene is the launch of the Tamadoge Games Arcade Beta. The play-to-earn metaverse games platform has been eagerly anticipated by the crypto community and it has certainly delivered.

The Tamadoge Arcade currently has three games available to play: To the Moon, Rocket Doge and Super Doge. Two more games will be released soon, with Tamadoge throwing down the gauntlet to its competitors in the meme coin space, by delivering on its vision of bringing real utility and value.

Testing of the new platform has already seen an impressive response in the first 15 hours, with over 150 hours of gameplay and 6,000 retries. Super Doge has been the most popular game so far. The community’s enthusiasm for the Tamadoge Arcade Beta has been overwhelming, with users praising the retro music, graphics and addictive gameplay.

Crypto watchers have their eyes on the price of the TAMA token, which hit an all-time high of $0.173 on the 4th October 2022. With the launch of the Tamadoge Arcade Beta, many are predicting the coin price to surpass those heights as the platform continues to develop and gain real-world adoption. It’s an exciting time for the meme coin space, and Tamadoge looks set to lead the way.