Visa Unveils ‘Ambitious’ Crypto Product Roadmap, Bitget Offers On-Ramp Service

• Visa announces ambitious crypto product roadmap and is looking for senior software engineers to help drive mainstream adoption.
• Bitget launches on-ramp service for VISA & Mastercard crypto purchases.
• Fractal and XRPL partner up to bring KYC/AML processes to the XRPL ecosystem, while NEAR Balkans and Aptos Labs team up with Ledger.

Visa’s Ambitious Crypto Product Roadmap

Visa has announced an ambitious crypto product roadmap, aiming to drive mainstream adoption of public blockchain networks and stablecoin payments. Cuy Sheffield, head of crypto at Visa, is on the lookout for senior software engineers who have experience using Github Copilot and other AI assisted engineering tools to write and debug smart contracts.

Bitget Launches On-ramp Service

Bitget has launched a new on-ramp service specifically designed for purchasing crypto using VISA and Mastercard. It supports more than 140 fiat currencies which can be used for direct purchase of USDT, BTC, and BGB via credit or debit card on the Bitget exchange platform.

Fractal & XRPL Partner Up

Identity solution provider Fractal has partnered up with XRPL, a decentralized public blockchain led by a global developer community, in order to bring KYC/AML processes to the XRPL ecosystem. This will allow users to access various dapps without having multiple KYC processes as well as enable them to switch between dapps without additional authentication; all while promoting wider adoption of secure and trustworthy ecosystems.

NEAR Balkans & Aptos Labs Team Up with Ledger

NEAR Balkans has partnered up with Aptos Labs in order to teach women coding fundamentals through its three-week introductory coding bootcamp held in Ciudad del Este from May 3rd – 24th. The bootcamp includes workshops in robotics, IoT, web development as well as lessons in blockchain fundamentals and microelectronics; culminating in a five day hackathon and demo day where three top contenders will be awarded scholarships for this year’s Plan B Summer School held in Lugano Switzerland.

Bitfinex Sponsors Penguin Academy Bootcamp

Bitfinex has announced their sponsorship of Penguin Academy’s three-week introductory coding bootcamp dedicated exclusively towards women taking place from May 3rd – 24th in Paraguay. Additionally they are offering scholarship awards at the end of the program for those who qualify based on their performance during the hackathon event portion of the bootcamp.