Worldcoin Extends Access to Unverified Users, Offering WLD Tokens

• Worldcoin is now allowing unverified users to reserve WLD tokens through the World App.
• The project aims to establish a comprehensive global database for human identification.
• Regulatory actions have been initiated against Worldcoin in various countries due to data collection concerns.

Worldcoin Extends Reservation Access

The crypto project Worldcoin is now enabling unverified users to reserve their WLD tokens through the utilization of the World App. This advancement is aimed at simplifying the token reservation process for a wider user base, with reservations set to remain valid for 12 months.

Aims to Establish Global Digital ID System

The core premise of the project revolves around establishing a comprehensive global database for human identification, thus setting itself apart from automated bots that may dominate the digital landscape in coming years. The Worldcoin ID system aims to reward users who generate biometrically-based IDs with native WLD tokens as incentives.

Facing Regulatory Pushback

Despite garnering over two million customers prior to its public launch, regulatory obstacles and investigation have cast a shadow over its aspirations. Countries such as Kenya, Argentina and UK have raised alarm due to data collection concerns, leading them to initiate regulatory actions against the project.

Users Show Subdued Response

Post-launch response from users has been subdued despite its strong pre-launch performance, leading many experts in question whether it can deliver on its promise of becoming a default identification mechanism granting humans access to diverse services and opportunities.


Despite facing several challenges along its path toward mainstream adoption, Worldcoin continues striving towards creating an identity platform that will grant individuals accesses into new opportunities within the global economy powered by blockchain technology and biometric authentication measures